ERDF starts deploying 3 million Linky smart meters

Posted By Smart – 01 December 2015

French power grid operator ERDF will roll out the first 2,000 of its Linky smart meters in December, Les Echos reports. They are part of a first wave of 3 million units. ERDF said it aims to install 35 million meters, replacing all legacy devices, by the end of 2021. The new smart meters gather data and send it in real-time. Home visits are reduced because the smart device enables remote repairs. The company said it wants to reach a cruising speed of 300,000 meters added every month. All regions will be partially covered by the end of 2016 and all counties (departements) will be partially covered by 2018.

The Linkys have a 20-year expected life span. ERDF has tested the meters twice since 2010, in Lyon and Indre-et-Loire. It has so far installed 10,000 meters in five areas to test supplier readiness and to fine tune the marketing chain, said Bernard Lassus, the head of the Linky project at ERDF. Data managed at the company’s control room and two data centres hosted by electric utility EDF. The first 2.4 million meters will be first-generation models.

The first 3 million Linky devices will be manufactured by Itron, Landis & Gyr, Sagemcom, Ziv, Maec and Elster. The second tranche, of up to 13.8 million devices has just gone out to tender. ERDF must also sign installation contracts for 300 markets with 30 to 40 companies, logistics and recycling the old units.